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Dr. Tasha Wilson is excited to offer integrative services to your pet! After 10+ years in practice, she has seen how important it is to treat the “whole patient” and to provide adjunctive therapies as needed. She is now offering this additional care in the comfort of your home. She currently sees patients in Rochester, NH, Bedford, NH, and surrounding areas.

Thank you for your kind words!

Kimberly R.

Dr. Wilson started treating Finley as a puppy. We were ecstatic to welcome her back into our home to treat Finley for a right leg limp, ear infections and horrible acid reflux. He is currently having cold laser and acupuncture and is doing phenomenal. The limp is totally gone and he is back to his agility and overall craziness. We are also able to reduce his reliance on medication to control the acid reflux. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson. She is one of the kindest and caring people I have ever met and Finley wholeheartedly agrees he loves her to pieces!!

Gale T.

Dr. Wilson really helped the mobility of Asher, my 12-year-old Golden Retriever, when he seemed to be losing his ability to jump up on my bed or into the car, and he was becoming quite reluctant to go upstairs too.

She also made some recommendations for supplements. Now Asher is acting so much better and more like his puppy-like self!


“Absolutely love Dr. Tasha! Compassionate, caring & knowledgeable!”

Sarah H.

“Dr. Wilson is the best!! She came out to our barn to do cold laser therapy on my horse! My horse liked her and did well!! She also treated the other horse with the laser on her wounds! Thank you so much for coming out to help us!!”

Hillarie K.

“Dr. Wilson is amazing! She really takes the time to make you feel confident in her with your pet’s health. My 10-year-old lab has had two treatments from her and I’ve already noticed a huge change in him! He is more active, his arthritis has calmed down, and he has an all-around more youthful glow to him! I am so happy I found Dr. Wilson!”

Kelli H.

“After 3 or 4 appointments Wendy became more energetic, after 5 or 6 I was barely giving her pain medication and now after a few months no more pain meds and she is walking up the stairs and she is running around acting like a puppy again. Dr. Wilson goes above and beyond and genuinely care about your pet. Wendy and I both are happy to have her, now Wendy can enjoy being a puppy! I would highly recommend Dr. Wilson!”

Jen M.

Dr. Wilson is awesome! She really cares about your pet and loves what she does. Briahna has arthritis in one of her knees. She was taking pain meds twice a day and really beginning to favor the leg. Between acupuncture and laser treatments she is much more comfortable and only needs pain meds after a long off leash run. This is more than I could have hoped for.

Kelly K.

Had a great acupuncture + cold laser session with Dr. Wilson for my 14 year old border collie, Maggie. I would recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone looking for a compassionate, gentle, acupuncturist & veterinarian who is skilled in her practice and listens to your concerns and makes your dog feel relaxed and loved. I’m beyond thrilled to have found this great service for my senior pal. Thanks Dr. Wilson!

Toni M.

Dr. Wilson has treated two of our cats, Sasha and Lucinda, using both acupuncture and cold laser therapy. Her disposition and skilled approach with the kitties was exemplary. She has been so good with and to them with kind words, compassion and a gentle touch. We were very surprised when our more challenging of the two, Sasha, took very well to the treatments. Lucinda, our 18-year old loves the treatments and looks forward to them. She relaxes and goes to sleep with the acupuncture needles in place! Each and every treatment has gone very well. We saw improvement after the first treatment for each kitty and collectively the treatments have resulted in a marked improvement for the kitties, both of which are special needs cats with a number of different maladies and symptoms. We love Dr. Wilson and would highly recommend her!

Paula W.

We have been working with Dr. Wilson for just a few weeks with our dog, Oliver. Ollie has had chronic ear and skin infection for what seems like FOREVER. He was losing hair in large clumps and was in so much pain from the ear infection that he didn’t want to be near people. After our first session of laser treatment, he really was a different dog. He was calm enough for us to do a little bit of work on the ear! And now, just a month later, with the right treatment, care, and compassion Ollie has stopped losing hair and his ear is SO MUCH BETTER (we’re not out of the woods yet). He is playful and back to chewing on things and snuggling with us. We are so thankful that Dr. Wilson takes so much time with us and really is helping us get our sweet boy pup back. THANK YOU!

D. King

Dr Wilson is professional and it’s very convenient having her be able to travel to our home! Highly recommended.

N. Vardaman

Dr. Wilson is so fantastic that she has taken time to answer my questions, even when she’s out of town. She has given wise, caring, and professional counsel with two of my beloved dogs and I greatly value her as a person and a Dr. Thank you, Dr. Wilson!

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