Veterinary Consult

We make life easier by coming to you.

Dr. Tasha Wilson is happy to come to you for a veterinary consult, offering consults for anything from pain management, to nutrition, dental, and offering a second opinion on another diganosis.

Pain Management Consult

Dr. Wilson will assess your pet for trigger points, tense muscle, assess range of motion, and watch your pet’s movement in his/her natural setting. She will discuss any concerns you may have and then go over preventative and treatment options.

Hospice Care and/or End of Life Consult

It is hard when your beloved pet gets older. It is not uncommon to start wondering.. are they in pain? What can I do to help their quality of life? Unfortunately, sometimes we ask “is it time?” Dr. Wilson will perform a full physical exam and go over your recent veterinary reports and blood work. She will sit down with you and talk about what it all means, discuss what to look for to assess pain and quality of life. And she will help you decide “when it is time.”

General Veterinary Consult/Second Opinion

Sometimes our pet is diagnosed with a disease, and it is hard to comprehend what it all means – the diagnosis, the treatment, medications, and supplements. Acupetvet is available to go over the information in more detail with you and help you understand it better. A thorough history will be obtained and reviewed before the appointment. A comprehensive physical examination will be performed during this appointment, and Dr. Wilson will go over any questions or concerns you may have plus treatment options.

Nutrition Consult

Dr. Wilson is passionate about nutrition. She feels it is vital to an animal’s well-being and can help lessen and slow down certain disease processes. Dr. Wilson has assisted many pet owners by guiding them to a more appropriate diet or utilizing their current diet in a more balanced way for diseases such as obesity, kidney disease, dry coat, high-performance dogs, etc. She is a strong proponent of well balanced, heavily researched brands of food and will guide you on the appropriate diet for your pet. Please call to set up a nutritional consult today!

Please note:

Please have your primary veterinarian email or fax records to Dr. Wilson three days prior to your appointment. All patients will need to be up to date on Rabies vaccines. Please send Acupetvet a copy of the certificate or proof from your veterinarian before your appointment.

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