We appreciate your kind words!

Dr. Wilson is the Best! My puppy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was 8 months old and was hopping up the stairs and was in pain. I would give her pain pills every day to keep her comfortable. My vet said acupuncture could work for her and I did some research and found Dr. Wilson and saw she does house calls. During her initial visit she mentioned there could be more than hip dysplasia bothering and also offer cold laser therapy to try. She went home and did research and set me information on a muscle she believed to be bothering her and I agreed and we continued doing acupuncture and cold laser therapy to treat her symptoms. After 3 or 4 appointments Wendy became more energetic, after 5 or 6 I was barely giving her pain medication and now after a few months no more pain meds and she is walking up the stairs and she is running around acting like a puppy again. Dr. Wilson goes above and beyond and genuinely care about your pet. Wendy and I both are happy to have her, now Wendy can enjoy being a puppy! I would highly recommend Dr. Wilson!

Kelli H.



Dr. Wilson is amazing! She really takes the time to make you feel confident in her with your pets health. My 10 year old lab has had two treatments from her and I’ve already noticed a huge change in him! He is more active, his arthritis has calmed down, and he has an all around more youthful glow to him! I am so happy I found Dr. Wilson!

Hillarie K.

Dr. Wilson is the best!! She came out to our barn to do cold laser therapy on my horse! My horse liked her and did well!! She also treated the other horse with the laser on her wounds! Thank you so much for coming out to help us!!

Sarah H.

Absolutely love Dr. Tasha! Compassionate, caring & knowledgeable!