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Treat your Pet’s Chronic Pain with Mobile Acupuncture and Laser Therapy Services by Acupetvet

Medical Acupuncture

Dr. Wilson is currently offering acupuncture services for cats and dogs. As an integrative wellness veterinarian, she believes in integrating contemporary treatment as well as adjunctive therapies like acupuncture. She will work closely with your primary care veterinarian so your pet receives the best care. She received certification from Curacore, a medical acupuncture course for veterinarians.

What is medical acupuncture? Medical acupuncture looks at science to explain why acupuncture works, using anatomy, physiology, and pathology; keeping in mind evidence-based medicine. Dr. Wilson uses physical exam findings and history, plus a type of exam she performs called “myofascial palpation” to dictate her treatment protocol.

Cold Laser Therapy for Cats and Dogs

Cold laser is a painless, nonsurgical technique that helps accelerate healing of wounds and helps decrease pain and inflammation. This laser therapy emits a light that interacts with the tissue creating many changes within the body cells, decreasing pain and accelerating healing. It is used for many diseases including lick granulomas, ear infections, arthritis, sprain or muscle injuries, chronic bladder infections or inflammation, skin infections or wounds, post surgical incisions and trauma. It can be used with an acupuncture treatment or on its own and it works well for both cat and dogs! Book now for a cold laser consultation and receive the first session free.

In Home Pet Euthanasia and Hospice Care

We know how hard it can be to say goodbye to a beloved companion. Dr. Wilson knows the importance of privacy and comfort when you’re spending your final moments together. In the comfort of your home, allow us to make your final goodbye peaceful, and stress-free for you and your pet.

Nutritional Services

Dr. Wilson is passionate about nutrition. She feels it is vital to an animal’s well-being and can help lessen and slow down certain disease processes. Dr. Wilson has assisted many pet owners by guiding them to a more appropriate diet or utilizing their current diet in a more balanced way for diseases such as obesity, kidney disease, dry coat, high-performance dogs, etc. She is a strong proponent of well balanced, heavily researched brands of food and will guide you in the appropriate diet for your pet. Please call to set up a nutritional consult today!

A thorough history will be obtained and a comprehensive physical exam will be performed. At that time a treatment plan will be discussed and a follow-up appointment will be made if necessary. The fee also includes two follow-up phone calls.

General Consult or Second Opinion

Sometimes our pet is diagnosed with a disease, and it is hard to comprehend what it all means – the diagnosis, the treatment, medications, supplements. Acupetvet is available to go over the information in more detail with you and help you understand it better. A thorough history will be obtained and reviewed before the appointment. A comprehensive physical examination will be performed during this appointment, and Dr. Wilson will go over any questions or concerns you may have plus treatment options.

Other Services

Dr. Wilson thrives on educating others on veterinary medicine including diseases, treatments, and prevention. Educated veterinary staff and clients will bring the best care to pets. She is available for over the phone consults for pet owners who have questions about certain treatments, diagnosis, or prevention.

Essential oils can be used during any Acupetvet service for an additional charge. Please click here for more information on the oils that Dr. Wilson may use during the appointments. Please let Acupetvet know if this is something you are interested in when you book your appointment.

If you are a veterinary clinic, please contact Dr. Wilson if you would like more information on client or staff educational talks for your clinic.

Please note:

Please have your primary veterinarian email or fax records to Dr. Wilson three days prior to your appointment. All patients will need to be up to date on Rabies vaccines. Please send Acupetvet a copy of the certificate or proof from your veterinarian before your appointment.

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