Acupuncture and Laser Therapy Prep

Preparing for your acupuncture or laser therapy session in three easy steps.

Use a room that your pet is most comfortable in. If your pet has a favorite bed or blanket, please prepare the area accordingly so he/she can rest on this during the treatment.

Having as little distractions as possible is important. The fewer distractions/ anxious noises or visual cues, the more comfortable your pet will be during his/her session. Relaxing music has been shown to help relax pets.

We recommend using a special treat to distract your pet during the session. Most dogs start relaxing after 5-10 minutes and may not even need this, but we like to give them something ” positive” during their session to make them remember a positive and special experience. We want them excited to have their acupuncture! Some ideas include Frozen Peanut Butter in Kong, Frozen baby food (use a plastic jar and place a jar koozie on it; note- avoid onions and garlic, which can be toxic to pets). It’s best to use this treat only for acupuncture, so it’s even more special.

Please note:

Please have your primary veterinarian email or fax records to Dr. Wilson three days prior to your appointment. All patients will need to be up to date on Rabies vaccines. Please send Acupetvet a copy of the certificate or proof from your veterinarian before your appointment.

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