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Dr. Tasha Wilson featured on

Rochester vet uses alternative therapies on pets: Dr. Tasha Wilson is passionate about helping animals with many of the degenerative issues they face. Whether it is arthritis, muscle spasms or another disease, Wilson uses her magic hands and tiny needles to relieve pain through acupuncture, along with other alternative therapies.

Dr. Tasha Wilson featured on BostonVoyager

Because acupuncture and laser therapy is something new, many people do not know a lot about it. It can be challenging to understand how it works. I took a class that evaluates how these techniques work from a scientific point of view. Acupuncture points are affiliated with nerves and blood vessels. Targeting these areas help increase blood flow and help decrease inflammation from those nerves. It also facilitates a release of natural substances from the body that help with pain control. Laser therapy does this as well, increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation to that area.

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