COVID-19 : The Fall Update- New Changes to In Clinic Appointments

Due to the recent increase in COVID-19  positives that we are seeing in this area, we have decided it would be best to start curbside drop-offs again. We want to protect you and our staff. We also realize how important it is that your pet has their regular visits and do not want anything jeopardizing that (ie staff quarantine because of possible exposure and not being able to see patients for 14 days).


We are taking the extra precautions to keep everyone safe at this time.

1. We will be implementing curbside drop offs for our patients.
We know how important it may be for you to be present with your pet and ask for your patience and understanding in this matter.
We have been fortunate to have several months were we were able to spend time with you and your pet again in the clinic, and hope to have the opportunity again soon. We miss having you with us!
(If you have a cat receiving treatment and feel that you need to be present for the appointment, please let us know and we will discuss this further with you).

2. For all initial appointments, we will be implementing initial zoom consultations before the appointment.  Dr. Wilson will go over the record and answer any questions you may have about the appointment during that time. She will have your nutritional and supplement consultation at that time as well. It is critical that the initial form and all records are sent 3-5 days prior to this zoom appointment.

3. We continue to ask that you let us know if: 

A. You have traveled to areas outside of New Hampshire, Maine, Massachussetts,or Connecticut in the past 2 weeks; We ask that you have someone else (not in your household) bring your pet for an appointment.
B. You are having any cold or flu like symptoms, please call to reschedule your appointment for a later time (at least 2 weeks).
C. You experience shortness of breath, cough, loss of smell or taste, or have a fever;, Please call to cancel your appointment.

If you have been exposed to someone who is COVID-19 Positive or you yourself are Positive, please call to cancel your appointment and we will reschedule for a time when your doctor tells you that you no longer have to be isolated/quarantined. 

1. We will not be adding new house call appointments at this time. 

2. We will be adding additional hours : opening 1 Friday a month and Saturdays are open from 9-2pm.
What we are continuing to do to keep you and your family safe: 

1. The staff is practicing social distancing at work and outside of work.
2. Masks will be worn at all times.
3. If either Dr. Wilson or Lynn, assistant/service coordinator, has any of the above symptoms mentioned we will also follow these recommendations and not go into work until our primary physician says it is safe to do so. Our temperatures will be taken daily.
4.We will continue to perform stringent cleaning procedures after each appointment. Please be patient with us. We are doing our best to see your pet on time, but appointments may be delayed by a few minutes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We care about you and are thinking of you and your family during this time!

Dr Tasha Wilson and Lynn Low