Nancy Oxton: Veterinary Assistant/Service Coordinator

Nancy has worked as a veterinary technician in small animal and shelter medicine since 2002. She has worked in general practice and emergency medicine in Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. She enjoys spending her free time with her family and her pets, which consist of a fleet of Dachshunds, a Corgi, and three cats. She is also currently working on dual master’s degrees in legal psychology and early American history, for which she enjoys learning and peer-advising others on. She can be found visiting period events on the American Civil War, early settlement recreations, and other historic recreations in her spare time and loves learning about the times and trials of other generations and cultures.

Nancy’s discovery of and interest in the benefits of acupuncture and rehabilitation therapy came when her own Dachshund named Sage experienced IVDD, which was remarkably improved by Dr. Wilson and Lynn’s use of these modalities. She had seen other clients’ animals helped and, having first-paw experience with her Sage, it urged her to want to learn even more about this extraordinary specialty.

She is beyond excited to get to be a part of the team at Acupetvet and looks forward to seeing the same responses and improvements in others’ pets.